Friday, November 20, 2009

Where have I been?

My last blog post was over 7 months ago! It's not that I have forgotten all of you faithful followers, '' nor that I was stricken down with some mysterious ailment '' nor even that ran off with a tall, dark and handsome lover. '' It's just that every time I thought of writing a blog post I would have a panic attack! '' Palms sweating, breath coming short, butterflies (or maybe demons) fluttering about in my innards....I'm sure you know the feeling.''

Well, today is the day I stand up to my terror. '' Stick out my tongue. '' Turn my back. '' And walk bravely into the future. I can do this!!! ''


  1. For crying out loud!!! I just spent about three hours writing this post. Looking for just the perfect emoticon to express my feelings and all I get is LITTLE BOXES!!!! Arrghhhhh!!

  2. This'll teach me. I just don't get to be perfect. :-P

  3. It's kind of like, FA on you, right?!

    Just jump in, Jan. Tell us a story or what you've been creating. It's all good :D

  4. Hi mermaiden!! Nice to hear from you! Now that I've broken the ice I will put blog posting on my 'to do' list and you will be hearing from me more often.

    Now just what does FA mean?


  5. Thanks Kim! I'll say something interesting here soon.

  6. Yes you can! Welcome back to the blogosphere!