Saturday, January 16, 2010

my favorite things

I thought you might like to see some of my favorite things. I love these particular pieces of art because of the colors and texture and the mood they evoke. For me it's a mood of possibility and hope with a touch of mystery. What do they bring up for you?

Spirit of Autumn

Birds on a Wire

Change of Season

Where the Wind Blows



  1. All are beautiful! Are you lucky enough to own these pieces? I will go back soon to check out more on these artists.

  2. Hi Lorrie, Don't own any of them yet. But I will one day!

  3. One of the 'funnest' things about blogging to me, is reading other blogs and discovering new art. So glad that you shared some of your favorite things with us Jan - a couple are now mine too.


  4. Hi Sue, Glad you liked 'em! I still finding my way with this blogging. I have lots I want to blog about and then when I sit down to do it I realize that I need to do something else first...usually it's taking pictures. I'm not in the habit yet.