Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Inspiration

I’m not one to write out New Year’s resolutions. As far as I can see they are just an exercise in futility. I mean, how many New Year's resolutions have you kept? Me? Zero, zilch, nada! But this year I felt an urge to do something, so I was going to write out a list of goals. Now goals are different than resolutions, aren’t they? Goals are something you work toward . . . that you can break down into tasks . . . baby steps. Right? Resolutions, on the other hand, seem less forgiving. It’s ‘do or die.’ And if you don’t do it, you’ve failed.

So on January 1st I prepared myself to write out my goals. But, man, did it seem dry and way too much like work. Anyway, I thought, how inspiring will it be to read a bunch of words? Will that really keep me going throughout the year? Not likely!

It was then that I saw a reference online to a vision board. This is where
you cut out pictures and make a collage out of them. Before I knew it, I was
in my studio pulling out a big piece of matboard and a bunch of magazines.
I grabbed my scissors and started clipping. In flipping through the magazines (Sunset, Body and Soul, Martha Stewart and O to name a few) I found images
that inspired and moved me and that reminded me of what it is I want for my
life. On my Vision Board, all the many facets – health, relationship, work, play,
self-care, travel – revolve around an image of balance. Balance is supreme
this year.

I love my vision board and will be adding to it as the year progresses. It hangs in my bathroom so I see it everyday. Everyday I am inspired. Everyday I am reminded of what it is I want. Everyday I move closer to my ideal life.

Here are a couple of links to sites you might find inspiring.

This is an article about vision maps and how to create them.

This has got to be coolest site I’ve ever come across. You can build your own vision map video with music and affirmations and beautiful images. You can then download your creation to your desktop to view everyday. And best of all it’s all free!!

Something I found very useful in my Vision Map building is my Xyron machine. I just took all my cutout pictures and ran them through my Xyron which put permanent adhesive on them so I could just peel and stick (you can also get a repositionable adhesive.) For the best price on Xyrons and many other craft supplies go to


  1. Hey Jan!

    Happy New Year!

    I love the idea of a Vision Board! Will check out the sites you linked to. Thank you! Also like the idea of a xyron machine. Cool!


  2. Hi Sue!!! So nice to hear from you! Tell us about your vision board if you do one. I hope to share a link to my VisionBoardSite video when I get it done.