Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Paper Jewelry

I haven't talked about my jewelry here so I figured now is the opportune time since I'm having a 20% off sale. And I sure wouldn't want you all to miss it! *wink*

Over the years I've made many different styles of paper jewelry. I started with just handmade paper sandwiched with Pellon interfacing. I painted fun designs on the paper, attached posts or wires and called them earrings....and rightly so, they were indeed earrings, just not very durable. My latest rendition of jewelry incorporates brass wire. I form the wire into the desired shape and then pound it flat and polish it. The paper is adhered to the metal and sealed using a polymer medium called Paverpol. This stuff is amazing! If you work with natural fibers (fabric, paper, etc.) that you want rock hard and indestructible, this is the stuff! You can read more about it on their website

So without further ado, I present Bijouterie Papier!



  1. Jan, these are fabulous! I have been intrigued by Paverpol for the past year and have yet to try it. I'm still looking for a place in Canada that sells it, but I may have to break down and order it online. That said, it is your artistry and very creative imagination that
    makes these pieces 'sing'.



  2. Thanks Sue! Have you gone to the Paverpol website to look for a Canadian dealer?

  3. Check this site. They're in Ontario. Isn't that where you are?

  4. Your jewelry is so pretty! I love your lamps also! I just found you thru the papermaking group...your tip on using wax for sealing paper caught my eye.

  5. Hi Beth, Thanks and welcome to my blog. I love your work too! Such meticulous work! I particularly like this one,

  6. Hi Jan, thank you for visiting my faerietale blog x i do love your jewellery & your paper creations too and the name wyldewood is perfect.

  7. Thanks ruthie! And thank you too for visiting my blog. I love going to your blog for inspiration!

  8. Hi Jan, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog, yours looks real cool, I will check back later when I don't have visitors. cheers and "Happy days" Marie