Thursday, March 11, 2010

A walk in the woods . . .

Here I am in the enchanted forest taking inspiration from Mother Nature.

Ladybird Grove Redwoods 100309 137

We are vacationing in the Redwoods on the north coast of California.  These are some pictures from our walk in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove.


Worshipping at the shrine of everlasting life.  Even though the core of this tree is completely burned out, it is still alive and thriving in the canopy.  These huge trees gave off such a warm and comforting energy.  I was enveloped by it.

A few inspirational tidbits…


Lichen      Lattice Bark

                         Lichen                                                Latticed bark

Who's house

    One of the many houses in the neighborhood.


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  1. Beautiful photos even though they made a little homesick. I lived in the redwoods for years. You're right, they do put out an incredible warm, creative energy.