Friday, March 13, 2009

An award!

I just got home from a week visiting my father on the Oregon Coast and what should I find? A blog award!! had notified me the she has passed on a KreativBlogger award on to me and six other bloggers. I must admit that I'm rather stunned since I'm a blogging neophyte but I humbly accept and most gratefully pass this honor on to some worthy bloggers. The only requirement of this award is to list 7 (my favorite number!) things I love and to pass the award on to 7 honorable bloggers and, of course, letting them know they won! So here are seven loves (hard to pick only seven.)

I love:
  • Moss and mushrooms and moonbeams.
  • The tell-tale sparkle of a fairy’s passing.
  • The blush pink color of Thumbelina’s rose petal blanket.
  • The hush of the forest at dusk.
  • The crisp clear scent of a waterfall.
  • The glinting of sunlight off a dragonfly’s wings.
  • The smell of rain and the sound of thunder.

I am honored to pass this award on to:


  1. Thank you so much, Jan!

  2. Thank you so much Jan! I am honoured!
    (so glad you 'creeped' LOL)

    I will post my award tomorrow and pass it on!


  3. Congratulations for such a lovely acknowledgment. :)

    *smiles* I can honestly say that I love all the things you love, too. what a lovely list you've made.

  4. ps - thank you for taking the time to add your comments. :) I think you hit the mark (at least part of it).

  5. Thank you so much, Jan, for passing on the blogging award to me. I feel so honored!!