Friday, March 20, 2009

The Gatherer

My friend Kim is bawdy, sometimes irreverent and the best friend a girl could ever want. She's also an incredible artist. Her artwork, made of bones, feathers, shells, leather and other trinkets and treasures found in her wanderings, is alive with the spirits of the ancient past. She appropriately calls her work 'the Ancestors.' Born of Kim's deep connection with spirit, the earth and the grandmother who visits her dreams, each Ancestor offers a message of wisdom and hope.

This week I was delighted to invite the Gatherer, one of Kim's Ancestors into my life. The Gatherer speaks to me not only in her message but in who she is. For I, too, am a gatherer. I gather plants and twigs and lichens and leaves...essence, ideas and inspiration. My art is the product of my gatherings.

The Gatherer speaks:
I am the one who tells you that the seeds you have planted are coming to fruition.
You have been a good and caring gardener, nurturing and protecting your dreams.
The time is ripe. The harvest is ready. Come and reap your rewards.

You can see more of Kim's work at or
Kim also has another Etsy shop where she sells some of her gatherings.


  1. Jan, you know how much I love Kim's work and your gatherer is wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing her bonesinger
    esty shop too, I was not familiar with it and I've found another favorite shop!


  2. Ah, ye have a bone collector gene in ye, huh?

  3. oh! I think the Gatherer is not only a stunning piece of workmanship - beautiful in design and execution - it IS sooooo right for you. I imagine it will serve you well. :) and thanks for her links, too.

  4. Yes, I didn't realize how perfect she was for me until I started writing about her. Her message is very exciting! I got my baskets ready for all my rewards!! *smile*

  5. this is so powerful, ancient, mysterious. i love how you described yourself as a gatherer.

  6. Jan, welcome to blogging. I'm just a rookie still (started in 9/08) but I am finding it helpful for several reasons: gets my name out there, I have a web presence, it keeps me accountable to my work, and I enjoy it. I've had your website as one of my artist links since I started so hopefully some folks have come your way through that.

    Your work is always wonderful and I'll be happy to be hearing more of you and your work on the blog. Best wishes.